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Gold Sarcophagus for Ultimagear Millennium Puzzle

Out of stock
First you got to build the puzzle you have to make yourself, and now you get to build the box you get to store the incomplete puzzle in! This line is shaping up to be extremely meta, so we're excited to see where it goes from here. You will likely be sent atoms out of which you will create the box that the model kits came in in the first place, which may or may not cause reality to fold in upon itself. What will Bandai think of next!!


Series Yu-Gi-Oh!

Condition This is a model kit and requires assembly.

Gold Sarcophagus for Ultimagear Millennium Puzzle
Out of stock
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It took every ounce of willpower to not make a "scarmophogoghs" joke in the description. From "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters", "ULTIMAGE AR Millennium Puzzle Storage Box" Golden Chest is now available as a plastic model!
  • Specifications that all 33 pieces of "ULTIMAGE AR Millennium Puzzle" sold separately can be accommodated. The scene in the play can be reproduced by storing the pieces of the Millennium Puzzle.
  • Metallic molding color similar to "ULTIMAGE AR Millennium Puzzle".
  • The outside of the golden chest is decorated with a precise mold that resembles the one in the play, creating a world view.


Plastic nipper
Panel liner
Finishing: Top Coat/Super Clear


You don't need cement.
You don't need paint.
Recommended for 15 years & up