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[UPDATED 6/17/2024] 2024 Gundam Planet x Affea Sticker per Order Campaign

[UPDATED 6/17/2024] 2024 Gundam Planet x Affea Sticker per Order Campaign
Do you know about Affea and their amazing "Gundam per day" project on Twitter? We loved it so much that we decided to partner on stickers of the individual mobile suits! We chose 8 Gundams and 8 Zakus, and we'll be expanding the available selection even more in the future!

Campaign details: Every time you buy any in-stock model kit*, you get a mobile suit sticker! (One sticker per eligible order)

*Model kits include all items in the "Gunpla" and "Model Kits" categories. "Accessories" category purchases like Action Bases do not qualify.

Campaign period: Starting on January 15th with a new mobile suit rotating in every 2 weeks! While supplies last.

* In-stock items only. In-store & online purchases are eligible.

Please note the periods are referring to order shipping date, not order placement date.

1/15/2024 ~ 1/28/2024: Wing Gundam Zero Custom

1/29/2024 ~ 2/11/2024: Dozle Zabi's Zaku II

2/12/2024 ~ 2/25/2024: Zeta Gundam

2/26/2024 ~ 3/10/2024: Zaku II Gundam Thunderbolt

3/11/2024 ~ 3/24/2024: Gundam Lfrith

3/25/2024 ~ 4/7/2024: High Mobility Zaku / Ball

4/8/2024 ~ 4/21/2024: Crossbone Gundam X1

4/22/2024 ~ 5/5/2024: Uma Lightning Zaku

5/6/2024 ~ 5/19/2024: Full Armor Gundam Thunderbolt

5/20/2024 ~ 6/2/2024: Psycho Zaku Thunderbolt

6/3/2024 ~ 6/16/2024: BIG GUN

7/1/2024 ~ 7/14/2024: Zaku Tank

7/15/2024 ~ 7/28/2024: Nu Gundam

7/29/2024 ~ 8/11/2024: EWAC ZACK

8/12/2024 ~ 8/25/2024: Woundwort

8/26/2024 ~ 9/8/2024: Zaku II Shin Matsunaga

Use with Action Base 4 & 5, or display by themselves!

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