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The man closest to God-Bargo Shaka is now back in SAINT CLOTH MYTH EX!

Saint Cloth Myth EX Virgo Shaka <Revival Ver.>

Out of stock
It is possible to reproduce the famous scene where the three people, such as "Aquarius Camus (Surplice)", which is being ordered at Tamashii web shop, are fighting fiercely. The sacred garment can be reconstructed into an object form. Of course, as well as the beads which were impressive in Hades edition, abundant expression, wrist parts, movable cloaks etc are items of large volumes continuously attached. Cloth of over the chest from the shoulder, the action movable type and the non-moving type of shape importance is attached.
In addition, it also comes with a dedicated seat for you decorate in a meditation state. To is, comes with a Cloth decomposition attached diagram.

A re-issue of the EX Series figure, with the same sleeve package as before!

Set includes God Cloth parts, interchangeable face parts (x4), front and back hair parts for the mask, interchangeable hands (x12), Object frame, and un-articulated shoulder part. In addition, an explanation sheet is included.

ATTENTION: Because of the way all Saint Seiya products are packaged in master cartons, ALL of them are exposed to outer edges during shipment from the manufacturers to the distributors and then to us. There is NO GUARANTEE of perfect box condition. Thank you for your understanding.

Brand BANDAI: Tamashii Nations

Series Saint Seiya Series

Product Lineup Saint Cloth Myth EX

Condition This is a pre-assembled figure. No assembly required.

Saint Cloth Myth EX Virgo Shaka <Revival Ver.>
Out of stock
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