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The Gundam Planet CRitical Operation Comfort System is now online. Accessorize your Gunpla today!

The Gundam Planet CRitical Operation Comfort System is now online. Accessorize your Gunpla today!

UPDATE April 1 2024 @ 3:50PM: We have reached the supply limit of the Gunpla CR.O.C.S. so the current giveaway has ended! Don't worry though, since you all seemed to like this so much, we'll bring these (and maybe some other options?) back in the future!

We here at Gundam Planet appreciate the rigorous testing and engineering that goes into nearly every aspect of Mobile Suit design. However, there's one particular area we've felt that never quite received the attention that it deserves: the feet. We've all seen it happen: You're piloting your Mobile Suit and instability and discomfort in your feet cause you to lose focus and disrupt the whole operation. We believe we have the solution.

As you are no doubt already aware of, ordinary metals such as Gundarium fail to automatically reticulate their microscopic prehensile splines, causing them to inadvertently capture quantum chromacharged Minovsky macro-granuloids, which often results in an intended malfunctioning of the wanesprue proxyspigots in accordance with the Oref-Seport Principle. To counteract this and other similarly mundane issues, we've spent years developing an innovative solenodiagonal material that remains inert in response to adverse conditions such as a hydrogen dioxide enriched environment. Next, we've iterated on our design numerous times, being sure to include encabulated industry standard dongle compatibility with the latest apex groove tandem apparati along the top in order to aid in the circumvention of the first law of robotics. Additionally, we've retrofitted rim-riding Sparv™️ bolts on the starboard and port-side obtuse angles, for customization by specialists in the field and extra stability in the back. All of our hard work has finally paid off, and today, we're proud to introduce the Gundam Planet CRitical Operation Comfort System, or CR.O.C.S. for short.

These units were 3D printed under the Creative Commons - Attribution License.
Work title: Gundam Crocs

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