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1/6 Koakuma Riasu Suntanned Ver.

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The next "Riasu-chan" has a dazzling tanned skin! The "Koakuma Riasu-chan" is an erotic succubus who is an original character of Sayu Ayuma. What if you and Riasu-chan were enjoying the summer together? We have turned that fantasy into a figure! Her glamorous body peeking out from her cute pink uniform is now tanned and healthy. You can't miss the ecstatic expression on her face as if she has her sights set on you, and her hair flutters in the air! Her underwear is of course cast off from the top and bottom of the figure, so you can enjoy every detail of the dazzling Riasu-chan with her tanned skin.

・The original character "Riasu-chan" by Sayu Ayuma has been reborn with a new color and a tanned image.
・The figure's pose and modeling are carefully crafted, and the fluttering of her hair and ribbons give the figure a sense of movement and presence.
・The soft and cute pink uniform and white underwear are a must-see.
・The tanning marks, tail, and wings are all carefully crafted with attention to texture.
・The top and bottom are cast off, so you can enjoy every part of Riasu-chan.

Brand Other Brand

Grade/Scale 1/6

Series 18+ Figures

Product Lineup PVC Scale

Age Restriction R18

1/6 Koakuma Riasu Suntanned Ver.
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